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Starburst-Turnier bei Royal Panda

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This is just the beginning for him as far as people go. Bei Bei is ready for his close-up. The cub will make a few appearances before selected audiences ahead of his public debut on Jan.

That's also around the time Bei Bei will be sure enough on his feet that he'll get to venture into the outdoor panda habitat for the first time.

Pandas are famously helpless at birth: Bei Bei, who was a twin - his brother did not survive - weighed just 4 ounces grams when he was born. Now, at nearly 4 months, he's He's gaining about a pound a week - he's bigger than either of his siblings were at the same age - and is hitting every developmental milestone.

The pandas belong to China, and after they turn 4, Bao Bao and then Bei Bei will return to China and join the breeding program there. In addition to seeing live pandas, crew members learned about the local culture.

Katzenberg has stated that Kung Fu Panda 2 incorporates many elements of Chengdu in the film. The film's landscape and architecture also found inspiration from those found at Mount Qingcheng, a renowned Taoist mountain.

On 11 January , six captive-bred pandas were released to a "semi-wild" environment in Dujiangyan, Chengdu. Scientists believe that success in the reintroduction project would potentially help save the endangered giant panda.

Mount Qingcheng is amongst the most important centres of Taoism Daoism in China. Shangqing Temple is noted for an evening phosphorescent glow locally referred to as "holy lights".

The great engineer was built by Libing and his son. The irrigation system contains floods and droughts throughout the Plain of Chengdu, and people in Chengdu sing the praises of their great job that have done for them.

Globally speaking, it is also the most abundant temperate zone of greenery. The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries are the most well-known of their kind in the world, with Wolong Nature Reserve, generally considered as the "homeland of pandas".

It is a core habitat with unique natural conditions, complicated landforms, and a temperate climate with diverse wildlife.

It was built in the Western Jin period — in the honor of Zhuge Liang , the famous military and political strategist who was Prime Minister of the Shu Han State during the Three Kingdoms period — The Shrine highlights the Zhuge Liang Memorial Temple and the Hall of Liu Bei founder of the Shu Han state , along with statues of other historical figures of Shu Han , as well as cultural relics like stone inscriptions and tablets.

The Hui Mausoleum of Liu Bei represents a unique pattern of enshrining both the emperor and his subjects in the same temple, a rarity in China.

With the help from his friends, the thatched cottage was built along the Huanhua Stream in the west suburbs of Chengdu, where Du Fu spent four years of his life and produced more than now-famous poems.

During the Song dynasty , people started to construct gardens and halls on the site of his thatched cottage to honor his life and memory.

Currently, a series of memorial buildings representing Du Fu's humble life stand on the river bank, along with a large collection of relics and various editions of his poems.

The Jinsha Ruins are the first significant archeological discovery in China this millennium and were selected in as the key conservation unit of the nation.

As a theme-park-style museum, it is for the protection, research, and display of Jinsha archaeological relics and findings. In , it was designated as the official logo of Chinese cultural heritage by the China National Relic Bureau.

The round, foil plaque dates back to the ancient Shu people and is It contains four birds around the perimeter, representing the four seasons and directions.

The center cutout contains 12 beams of sunlight, representing the 12 months. The exquisite design is remarkable for a 3,year-old piece.

Known as the "Nonpareil Monastery" in China, the Daci Monastery in downtown Chengdu was first built during the Wei and Jin dynasties, with its cultural height during the Tang and Song dynasties.

Xuanzang , an eminent Tang dynasty monk, was initiated into monkhood and studied for several years here; during this time, he gave frequent sermons in Daci Monastery.

Initially built during the Tang dynasty, it has a history dating back 1, years. Parts of Xuanzang 's skull are held in consecration here as a relic.

Located in Xindu District, Baoguang meaning divine light Monastery enjoys a long history and a rich collection of relics.

It is believed that it was constructed during the East Han period and has appeared in written records since the Tang dynasty.

It was destroyed during the Ming dynasty in the early 16th century. In , the ninth year of the reign of the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty , it was rebuilt.

Located in the western part of Chengdu, Qingyang Temple 'Green Goat Temple' is not only the largest and oldest Taoist temple in the city, but also the largest Taoist temple in Southwest China.

The only existing copy of "Daozang Jiyao", a collection of classic Taoist scriptures, is preserved in the temple.

The lanes remained residential until when the local government turned the area into a mixed-use strip of restaurants, teahouses, bars, avant-garde galleries, and residential houses.

Nearby Wuhou Shrine, Jinli is a popular commercial and dining area resembling the style of traditional architecture of western Sichuan.

The ancient Jinli Street was one of the oldest and the most commercialized streets in the history of the Shu state and was well known throughout the country during the Qin, Han and Three Kingdoms periods.

Many aspects of the urban life of Chengdu are present in the current-day Jinli area: It was a large military stronghold for the ancient Shu Kingdom.

The head of the Shu Han State in the Three Kingdoms period was seated in Huanglongxi, and for some time, the general government offices for Renshou, Pengshan, and Huayang counties were also located here.

The ancient town has preserved the Qing dynasty architectural style, as seen in the design of its streets, shops, and buildings.

It was built in and was named after a part of the Tao Te Ching. Today, it is one of the most well-known and popular fashion and shopping center of Chengdu, lined with shopping malls, luxury brand stores, and boutique shops.

It was the hometown of Liu Wencai , a Qing dynasty warlord, landowner and millionaire. His 27 historic mansions have been well preserved and turned into museums.

Three old streets built during the Republic of China period are still being used today by residents. Museums in Anren have a rich collection of more of than 8 million pieces of relics and artifacts.

A museum dedicated to the memorial of the Sichuan earthquake was built in Luodai was built, like many historic structures in the area, during the period of the Three Kingdoms.

According to legend, the Shu Han emperor Liu Shan dropped his jade belt into a well when he passed through this small town.

Luodai Historic Town is one of the five major Hakka settlements in China. Three or four hundred years ago, a group of Hakka people moved to Luodai from coastal cities.

It has since grown into the largest community for Hakka people. Key buildings in the Du Fu Cao Tang Park were constructed in the early 16th century during the Ming dynasty and extensively renovated in during the Qing dynasty.

China's state council has designated Chengdu as the country's western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication.

It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture. According to the World Bank's survey report on global investment environments, Chengdu was declared "a benchmark city for investment environment in inland China".

Also based on a research report undertaken by the Nobel economics laureate, Dr. Robert Mundell and the celebrated Chinese economist, Li Yining, published by the State Information Center in , Chengdu has become an "engine" of the Western Development Program, a benchmark city for investment environment in inland China, and a major leader in new urbanization.

Meanwhile, the Fortune companies that have opened offices in Chengdu, including JP Morgan Chase, Henkel, and GE, increased their investment and upgraded the involvement of their branches in Chengdu.

By the end of , over Fortune companies had set up branches in Chengdu, ranking it first in terms of the number of Fortune companies in Central and Western China.

Of these, are foreign enterprises and 40 are domestic companies. The main industries in Chengdu—including machinery, automobile, medicine, food, and information technology—are supported by numerous large-scale enterprises.

In addition, an increasing number of high-tech enterprises from outside Chengdu have also settled down there. Chengdu is becoming one of the favorite cities for investment in Central and Western China.

The government of Chengdu has recently unveiled a plan to create a 90 billion CNY bio pharmaceutical sector by China's aviation industries have begun construction of a high-tech industrial park in the city that will feature space and aviation technology.

The local government plans to attract overseas and domestic companies for service outsourcing and become a well-known service outsourcing base in China and worldwide.

Chengdu has long been established as a national base for the electronics and IT industries. Chengdu's growth accelerated alongside the growth of the telecom services sector in India and China, which together account for over 70 percent of the world telecommunications market.

Intel Capital acquired a strategic stake in Primetel, Chengdu's first foreign technology company in Intel's Chengdu factory, set up in is its second in China, after its Shanghai factory, and the first such large-scale foreign investment in the electronics industry in interior mainland China.

Scheduled to be operational by February , this new center will provide multilingual application development and maintenance services to clients globally in English, Japanese and Chinese, and to the IBM Global Procurement Center, recently located to the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Over the past few years, Chengdu's economy has flourished rapidly. Chengdu is a major base for communication infrastructure, with one of China's nine top level postal centers and one of six national telecom exchanges hub.

It was the first time China hosted the world's largest computer and video game tournament. Joseph Fowler, a British professor of optoelectronics from Cambridge founded Scsi Capital, Asia's first venture capital firm focused on opportunities in the digital age, in Chengdu.

Scsi Capital is the world's largest private equity investor and fund of funds in the photovoltaic, compound semiconductor, multilayer cmos, ceramic packaging, display and advanced materials sector.

Historically, Chengdu has marked its name in the history of financial innovation. The world's first paper currency 'Jiao Zi' was seen in Chengdu in the year , during the Song dynasty.

Now, Chengdu is not only the gateway of Western China for foreign financial institutions, but also a booming town for Chinese domestic financial firms.

In addition, almost all domestic banks and securities brokerage firms located their regional headquarters or branches in Chengdu.

At the same time, the local financial firms of Chengdu are strengthening their presences nationally, notably, Huaxi Securities, Sinolink Securities and Bank of Chengdu.

Moreover, on top of banks and brokerage firms, the flourish of local economy lured more and more financial service firms to the city to capitalise on the economic growth.

It is expected that by , value-added financial services will make up 14 percent of the added-value service industry and 7 percent of the regional GDP.

By , those figures are expected to grow to 18 percent and 9 percent respectively. By , the logistic industry in Chengdu will realize a value added of RMB 50 billion, with an average annual growth exceeding 18 percent.

Ten new international direct flights will be in service; five railways for five-scheduled block container trains will be put into operation; and 50 large logistic enterprises are expected to have annual operation revenue exceeding RMB million.

Chengdu is the largest trade center in western China with a market covering all of Sichuan province, exerting influence on a population of million in six provinces, cities, and districts in western China.

Chengdu ranks first among cities in western China in terms of the scale of foreign investment in commerce and trade. Out of the 40 World Top retail enterprises based in China, 15 have opened branches in Chengdu.

In downtown Chengdu, there are 71 department stores whose business area exceeds 10, sq. By , total retail sales of consumer goods in Chengdu will exceed RMB billion, up 18 percent annually on average; the total wholesales will exceed RMB billion, with an annual increase of 25 percent.

It has become one of the five largest convention and exhibition cities in China. In , direct revenue from the convention and exhibition industry was RMB 3.

The growth reached a historical high. Chengdu is one of the first service outsourcing bases in China.

More than , people in Chengdu are engaged in software-related work. Leading enterprises are operating in Chengdu and providing research and technology support such as Tianwei New Energy Holding Co.

In , the new energy enterprises above realized Chengdu is home to the most competitive IT industry cluster in western China, an important integrated circuit industry base in China, and one of the five major national software industry bases.

By , the automobile production capacity of Chengdu's Comprehensive Function Zone of Automobile Industry is expected to reach , vehicles and 1.

Chengdu enjoys favorable agricultural conditions and rich natural resources. It is an important base for high-quality agricultural products. A national commercial grain and edible oil production base, the vegetable and food supply base as well as the key agricultural products processing center and the logistics distribution center of western China are located in Chengdu.

Located within the city limits is the Chengdu Aircraft Company which produces the recently declassified J Vigorous Dragon combat aircraft as well as the JF Thunder , in a joint collaborative effort with Pakistan Air Force.

The company is one of the major manufacturers of Chinese Military aviation technology. The Chengdu Statistics Bureau reports that the total investment in fixed assets in was Domestic investment was This was established in as the Chengdu Taiwanese Investment Zone.

More than 20 real estate companies set up in Chengdu, which was the first step for Chengdu's real estate development.

The comprehensive Funan River renovation project in the s had been another step towards promoting Chengdu environmental development.

In , the first real estate management service company set up in Chengdu. Three of the roads supported the east part of the city, the other two led to the south.

It established the foundation of the Eastern and Southern sub-centers of Chengdu. The two major sub-centers determined people's eastward and southward living trends.

Large numbers of buildings appeared around the east and south of the 2nd Ring Road. The Shahe River renovation project together with Jin River project also set off a fashion for people living by the two rivers.

It was said that the map of Chengdu should update every three months. In , dozens of commercial real estate projects also appeared.

Houses were included in commodities. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the busiest airport in Central and Western China and the nation's 5th-busiest airport, with a total passenger traffic of The airport has two runways and is capable of landing the Airbus A, currently the largest passenger aircraft in operation.

Chengdu is the fourth city in China with two commercial-use runways, after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. On 26 May , Air China , Chengdu City Government and Sichuan Airport Group signed an agreement to improve the infrastructure of the airport and increase the number of direct international flights to and from Chengdu.

The objective is to increase passenger traffic to more than 40 million by , making Chengdu Airport the fourth-largest international hub in China, after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, top 30 largest airports in the world.

Chengdu is the primary railway hub city and rail administrative center in southwestern China. It is the first express cargo train linking China and Europe, taking 12 days to complete the full journey.

Chengdu has four main freight railway stations. Among them, the Chengdu North Marshalling Station is one of the largest marshalling stations in Asia.

There are three major passenger stations servicing Chengdu. In addition, Chengdu West Railway Station is under construction and is scheduled to open in Chengdu—Dujiangyan intercity railway is a high-speed rail line connecting Central Chengdu with the satellite city of Dujiangyan and the World Heritage of Mountain Qingcheng.

The line was built in 18 months and entered operation on 12 May It was determined on August 28, [44] that both cubs were male and sired by Tian Tian.

The larger, surviving cub was named Bei Bei [45] "precious treasure" on September 25, Bao Bao was healthy at that time, eating bamboo and special fruitsicle treats, having been separated from Mei at 18 months of age.

She celebrated her second birthday in August , shortly after the cubs were born. Her contract extended to August Proceeds support animal care, conservation science, education and sustainability at the National Zoo.

Friends of the National Zoo FONZ , the zoo's membership program, is the partner of the National Zoological Park that has been providing support to wildlife conservation programs at the zoo and around the world since FONZ members receive free parking, discounts at the zoo's stores and restaurants, and Smithsonian Zoogoer , a magazine with the latest zoo news, research and photos.

FONZ's 40, members include about 20, families, largely in the Washington metropolitan area, and more than 1, volunteers.

FONZ provides guest services, development support, education and outreach programs, concessions management, and financial support for research and conservation.

The Smithsonian established its Conservation Biology Institute SCBI in to serve as an umbrella for its global effort to conserve species and train future generations of conservationists.

Its efforts support one of the four main goals of the Smithsonian's new strategic plan, which advances "understanding and sustaining a biodiverse planet.

Conservation biology is a field of science based on the premise that the conservation of biological diversity is important and benefits current and future human societies.

The Institute consists of six centers: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see National Zoo. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Retrieved August 23, Retrieved May 26, Archived from the original on March 7, Retrieved March 6, Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

Retrieved August 5, The Smithsonian's National Zoo currently houses four species of lemurs: Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved July 1, Three lemur species live at the Zoo.

Ring-tailed lemurs and a pair of red-fronted lemurs live on Lemur Island. Archived from the original PDF on May 7, The Outdoor Sculpture of Washington, D.

A Comprehensive Historical Guide. This foot long replica of a Triceratops The full-size Triceratops replica and eight other types of dinosaurs were designed by two prominent paleontologists, Dr.

After the Fair closed, the nine dinosaurs, which weighed between 2 and 4 tons each, were placed on trucks and taken on a tour of the eastern United States.

The Sinclair Refining Company promoted the tour for public relations and advertising purposes, since their trademark was the dinosaur.

In , the nine dinosaurs were given to various American museums. This particular replica was used for the filming of The Enormous Egg , a movie made by the National Broadcasting Company for television, based on a children's book of the same name by Oliver Butterworth.

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Archived from the original on May 10, Retrieved March 29, Archived from the original on February 9, Archived from the original PDF on May 16, Retrieved July 12, The committee concluded that in a majority of cases, the animal received appropriate care throughout its lifetime.

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